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What we're


the first club™ is the very first worldwide digital rewards solution, offering millions of choices of music, games, eBooks, audio books, eMagazines, films and mobile apps instantly delivered to most devices!

Loyalty Marketing

Your customers can redeem from the very first visit! Choose from millions of high value, low cost, compelling digital rewards to allow for instant engagement for all levels of loyalty members.

Corporate Rewards

Instantly reward the success of key employees & partners at all levels. We provide your business with effective solutions to enhance these relationships to deliver ROI & shareholder value.


We offer a simple, fully digital & cost-effective way to run your promotional campaigns on a global basis. Delivering desirable rewards, CRM data & analytics to create brand engagement for a lifetime

If you are looking for a full loyalty solution with instant access, check out our the first™ club express service

How it Works

Using the latest cloud-based technology, the first club™ loyalty marketing solutions can be easily integrated into existing programs. Programs are customized to be cost-efficient and scalable to capture more of the burn budget, and can create additional revenues and instant qualitative analysis through our real-time customer service portal.

Easy Implementation

Fully integrates with any existing loyalty API platform, fulfillment is downloadable completely online in a safe and secure web portal, which is simple and cost-effective to integrate.

Global Coverage

Available in more than 12 languages, offers both global and local content in each region’s native language

Customized Solution

Flexible design and integration options, tailored digital content packages, complete “Campaign Manager” functions, add localized language portals for each territory (up to 12 languages available at present), and customizable reward currencies.



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