Low-Level Redemption

One of the biggest hurdles for customer loyalty programs is the number of points needed for the lowest level of reward. If it's unattainable, consumers lose motivation. the first club™ offers millions of low-level reward options, providing access to exciting digital content and maximizing any loyalty program’s redemption rate.

Flexibility and Value

If customers are not able to find and redeem compelling rewards within a short time after earning their first points, companies run the risk of their members losing interest. Instantly engage customers by providing millions of choices of engaging digital content to suit a variety of tastes, cultures and lifestyles.

Instant Gratification

With digital content available for as little as $1 (expressed in your virtual currency to match your loyalty program), members can have instant access to digital rewards. They can choose to redeem their points instantly or collect more credit over time to download higher value content.

White Label

the first club™ solutions can connect to an API to be easily integrated into any existing loyalty program and is entirely customizable to comply with all brand standards. We offer both a solution for downloading as well as a customer service portal allowing access to transaction records in real time.

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If you are looking for a full loyalty solution with instant access, check out our the first™ club express service