Banner Analytics

the first club thinks it is very important to know what attracts consumers on the platform. Whether its music, games, mobile phone apps or any other category, we have implemented a banner tracking system into our solution to record interaction with our banners to define popularity and rankings of the hottest digital content.

This enables you to see what type of content is being chosen, allowing you to select what offers to provide for your customers. We also provide customized banners for the first club™ solution to promote the latest and hottest digital content. In addition we provide banners in different sizes for different purposes.

We analyze content performance to improve engagement on the site, so whatever the digital content, the user is able to find it easily. Within our customer service portal, we provide a section for your project manager and customer service personnel to view all of the important statistics to perform your corporate analysis. We also have tools to enhance the use of the platform including updated service notices, site upgrade information, FAQ’s and tutorials. We review each client platform’s daily statistics to ensure optimal performance and appropriate support.