A Turn-key Solution

the first club™ offers a simple, cost-effective way to increase the redemption on digital promotions and campaigns. It is as simple as printing a code on your packaging, inserting a voucher with the product or emailing a code after product registration.

Fully Integrated

Businesses can choose an individual message to be delivered to customers on a white label, easily customizable web portal.

Instant Delivery

Your choice of instant digital content using only one simple code. Choose them all or just choose one category to meet your demographic target. Simply print a redemption code on your product packs or marketing materials, or send to the customer via email as a digital reward. Everything else is handled online by the first club™.

Increased return on investment (ROI)

the first club™ low-cost solution can be easily re-purposed to allow several follow-up promotions, ensuring maximum ROI for your company’s marketing spend. And real-time access to our customer service portal allows you to measure lift on each promotion and provides customer detail to plan future ones.

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