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the first club™ is excited to announce Movie streaming to the millions of Digital Reward choices it offers on its worldwide Enterprise Loyalty platform

London, Tuesday 16th February, 2016 – the first club™, today announced the addition of Movies as new content category on its worldwide Enterprise level rewards platform. the first club™ is constantly increasing its digital reward offering to meet the needs of its Clients, and Movies will add more than 6,000 titles per country to the rapidly expanding catalogue. Content can be streamed on a range of devices, offering hours of high quality entertainment redeemed for any rewards currency. The category is currently available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and will soon also be released in Ireland, Belgium and Austria. The long term goal of the first club™ is to provide massive value to benefit its Clients loyalty and corporate incentive programs and offer their customers the widest range of instant digital content redeemable to almost any device worldwide.


the first club™, the leading global Thank You platform, is considered one of the most innovative and advanced companies in the loyalty and rewards space, delivering millions of compelling digital rewards worldwide, including the latest music tracks, eMagazines, eBooks, audio books, software, apps and games, and with the new addition of Movies it will give Clients more options for acquisition, engagement and retention strategies to acknowledge their Customers and Employees.


As more companies turn to digital content to reward their top employees, the first club™ is privileged to have worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. The rewards industry is constantly changing in response to an evolving consumer market, and believes that the coming year will see instant, digital rewards such as Movie streaming growing in popularity among corporate incentive programs.


Denis Huré, its CEO says: “We have redefined the notion of Digital Rewards, and are pushing it to the next level. Films are a natural addition to our catalogue and as always we focus on getting the best catalogue available anywhere in the world. 2016 is a turning point for our company, we will add more content in more countries faster than at any time before.”


About TFC International, Ltd.
the first club™ is a worldwide digital content distribution solution particularly dedicated to rewards as a loyalty solution where consumers can access the very latest in digital content, including over 60 million choices in music, software, games, eBooks and Audio Books, mobile apps and now films in return for redeeming rewards instantly in multiple currencies. The solution has been specifically designed to enhance loyalty reward programs, corporate incentives and sales promotions giving unique access to the entertainment world on a global scale. TFC International, Ltd., founded in 2002, has its headquarters in the UK, with offices in the UK, France and the United States.


For more information, please visit our B2B site at www.thefirstclub.net, or the first club™ white label consumer site, www.thefirstclub.com.


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Fully Responsive Site – now live!


As mobile browsing grows in popularity among consumers, the first club™ recognised the need for a fully responsive web design on its white label download site, thefirstclub.com. Optimized for browsing on mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop screens, the first club™ is ready to meet you where you are.
The new site gives consumers the ability to browse the catalogue of music, games, eBooks, audio books, software, mobile apps, and soon digital magazines from any device with a web browser. Consumers can download digital content to their computers and sync it to their mobile devices. Future releases of the responsive site will include the ability to download content directly to a mobile device. iOS devices will still require content to be downloaded and synced from a computer due to restrictions from Apple preventing any downloads outside of iTunes.


Anthony Chambers, head of Development at the first club™, says, “the Responsive Design Project is one we have been working on for a while, and we are excited to see consumers’ reactions to the upgrade. Mobile usage is a growing trend in the consumer technology industry, and we are happy to keep up with consumer needs by implementing the most cutting-edge technology.”


the first club™ prides itself on being the first worldwide digital rewards platform on the marketplace. The new responsive site presents clients of the first club™ with the opportunity to convert their digital rewards sites to the responsive format.


Denis Huré, CEO of the first club™, says, “We are excited to see our clients eager to adopt the new version of our digital download platform. Responsive Design is a huge upgrade to our mobile browsing experience, and our clients recognize the great value that presents to their customers.”


As more companies turn to digital rewards to reward their loyal customers and employees, the first club™ is privileged to have worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. The rewards industry is constantly changing to adapt to an evolving consumer market, and the first club™ believes that the coming year will see instant, digital rewards growing in popularity among loyalty, rewards and corporate incentive programs.